Carpet Cleaning Methods

Different Carpet Cleaning Methods You Could Use For Your Vancouver Home

There are different kinds of carpet cleaning methods and they depend on the kind of traffic your carpets or rugs endure and whether they get dirty more often due to pets and children in your home. Again, if you have people who suffer from allergies you need to get these floor accessories cleaned more often as these can harbor more of dirt and allergens due to the fibers of the fabric or material they are made of.

The different carpet cleaning methods

The carpet cleaning methods are several; these comprise of dry cleaning, shampooing, bonnet cleaning, foam cleaning, steam cleaning and others. No matter what method is used, carpets that have a considerable depth need to be vacuumed first before other cleaning methods are used.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Shampooing and dry cleaning methods

Carpet cleaning with shampooing is something that sounds easy, but any wet cleaning method is manageable and effective for small/know-right-way-use-carpet-cleaner/ area rugs or carpets. Usually, a hot water solution along with shampoo carpet cleaner is applied with a carpet cleaning tool. The tools that rinse and dry at the same time prove effective if you wish to employ the carpet cleaning method by shampooing. However, it is best that you get professional help to get such cleaning done, especially if you are unsure of how to use a carpet cleaner to shampoo your carpet or when the carpet area is large. Dry cleaning methods, on the other hand, are easy to use and prove to clean large carpeted areas effectively. A powder is sprinkled on the carpet and a vacuum is run on it which takes away the dirt. Dry cleaning proves effective and a hassle free way to clean carpets that do not require subsequent drying. However, dry cleaning is usually done by professional services.

Foam and steam cleaning methods

Foam carpet cleaning is a method that is a cross between shampooing and the dry cleaning method. The foam detergent requires minimal water and is worked effectively into the carpet and then helps to extract dirt, water, and detergent effectively when vacuumed. The steam carpet cleaning method is most popular. It is a hot water extraction process when a hot water solution is injected into a carpet or rug and the dirt is extracted out. It proves effective in killing microbes and extracting out dirt.

If you wish to employ a carpet cleaning service in your Vancouver home, inquire about the different methods they use and choose the right solution for your home.