Carpet Cleaner

Do You Know The Right Way To Use A Carpet Cleaner?

It might be tempting to simply order a carpet cleaner and use it to clean carpets in your home. Many homeowners feel that ordering in professional carpet cleaning services is a cumbersome and expensive process. However, simply ordering in a carpet cleaner for home use might not guarantee the right level of cleaning. There are certain methods you need to know in order to clean carpets effectively.

Carpet Cleaner

Different carpet cleaning machines

There are different models available that help homeowners to clean carpets of varying dimensions. You could even opt for a rental machine or purchase one. Carpet shampooer units come for daily or hourly rentals, which can be picked as per your needs. Carpet shampooers are available for purchase or rent at different supermarkets and laundry stores at reasonable prices. The modern units are small and portable which make them easy to maneuver. You could also opt for a steam cleaner. These are easy to maneuver as well as lightweight units. You can use these to clean carpets as easily as shampooing them. The personal models need to be filled with carpet shampoo and hot water. Usually, these models have different attachments to clean automobile and furniture upholstery as well.

Steps to follow

There are certain preparations you need to make in order to clean carpets effectively. Move out furniture from a room where there is a large carpeted area to be cleaned. Before you opt to shampoo the carpet clean the rest of the room. When using the carpet cleaner use slow and smooth motions which go back and forth. A carpet cleaner needs to be released when moved forward and then pulled back slowly. This movement helps to clean the carpet effectively. When you wish to absorb the water from the carpet you need to move the carpet cleaner over the rinsed area without releasing it. When this is done three to four times, it helps to soak up excess water from the rinsed areas.

Once a carpet has been cleaned with a cleaner equipment, you need to allow air drying of the same. If possible put on a fan and open up the windows to increase the flow of air over the cleaned and wet carpet. When the carpet has dried up, run the vacuum over it to fluff up the carpet fibers. This will complete the carpet cleaning process and you can then move the furniture items back in place.